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The crucifix at Grace Lutheran Church

About Our Ancient-Future Lutheran Faith


Lutheran Christianity is rooted in the ancient faith and practice of the first century church. We trace our history through the sixteenth century Lutheran Reformation and the Great Catholic tradition. For over 500 years, the Lutheran Church has been making Chrisitan disciples. Fueled by the missionary love of Christ's cross and resurrection, the Lutheran Church has become the world's third largest Christian body, with nearly 85 million members worldwide.


Today we still stand firmly where Martin Luther stood. We still preach the theology of the cross, God's free gift of grace, and justification by faith alone. We still proclaim the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ: the forgiveness of sins and the promise of life everlasting. 


Join us this Sunday at one of San Diego's oldest Lutheran churches. You will find: 


A Biblical Church.   As evangelical catholics, Grace Lutheran teaches that the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God.


A Confessional Church.  We believe, teach and confess the theology of our historic confessions found in the first Christian confession of faith, the 1530 Augsburg Confession and the Book of Concord. This 500-year-old confession has stood the test of time because it is a faithful expression of the unerring teaching of the Holy Bible and the creeds of the Church.

A Sacramental Church.  Confident that God’s Word bestows exactly what it says (the King speaks and it is done!), Grace Lutheran stands in continuity with the teaching of the Apostles and the ancient Church extolling the benefits of Holy Baptism, Holy Absolution, and Holy Communion whenever we gather in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  With these gifts of Christ’s Word and Sacraments, we experience the real voice and real presence of God.

A Liturgical Church.  The divine liturgy from the Lutheran Service Book is used at Grace because we follow the theology of worship that God has given His Church by which He saves, sanctifies and is known in the world. The divine liturgy is not only the means by which God speaks and does His saving and sanctifying, but also where He is present for His people.

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